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Silvermoon Medicyn

New Age Botanica Occult Wares

Silvermoon Medicyn New Age Botanica sells a plethora of eclectic items for personal healing services, conjuring products and one of a kind creations.
Our wares vary on the healing conditions for Gaia's inhabitants.
The vibration of our wares varies from Earthly to Cosmic, Saint to Daemon and Light to Dark.
We will have a host of planetary, star and interstellar magic. Along with traditional hoodoo, pagan and occults items.
You can also find us teaching local classes on many varied topics, reading at psychic fairs and creating magical camping events.

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Where to Find Silvermoon Medicyn's Products

You can find our products in these Pacific Northwest Stores.

On this website are our basic products.

Please note that these are live spells and conjures that should be used. Letting live magic wait, can change the results in the power of the spell. Our items are hand created in small batches so they don’t sit around long.

The frequency and vibrational pattern of Gaia is changing rapidly. We create products that change your frequency and vibrational pattern along with focusing on the conscious connection and emotional concerns. Each shop has different selections based on the possible customers.

If you’re missing something you would like to see at your local shop…let us know.

***Our online shop is closed to sales, if you wish to order something please let me know( link below or Facebook Messenger)

***Below is a contact me space

Mystic Sanctuary 2805 Bridgeport Way W #23, University Place, WA 98466

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Who is Silvermoon Medicyn?

My practice is multi-dimensional healing as a Darkworker. My life threads are woven between Symbiotic Psychic Vampirism and a Neo Cosmic Metaphysician.

I have been working with souls since the late 80’s. I prefer to assist those that wish to ascend from their own private hell and to find purpose in the path and vessel they are in this lifetime.

Psychiatric Technician with special designation Intellectual Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis

Certified Specialist as Sexual Advocate and Emotional Trauma

BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with Minor in Psychology

ULC Minister since 2003, Spiritual Consultant

Began Teaching to the community in the late 90’s Topics include; Paranormal, Spiritual both light & dark aspects, Star Family and Star seed origins...etc.

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Medicaments & Services

Connecting Humans to Gaia and the Cosmos

I work closely with awakening souls looking to balance the dark and light within themselves. Using transpersonal therapy techniques and energy psychology, working with tools such as; pranic healing, crystals, oils, acupressure, rattles, and herbs to help bring about healing.

Needing Some Healing Work or Shadow Reading??

Silvermoon Medicyn offers readings and healing work at some events and in private. Message Me and visit Facebook under the Services Tab, to find a service that fits you.   


Special Order Conjure Oils

$25.00  to  $100.00

I will create a special oil for your personal healing. We can connect via  anyway to discuss your specific needs.
Reach out via messenger to get started

Journey Ride Reading

See Facebook Under Services Tab

This has become one of my most popular services, I will be reading from 3 decks. We will pull 1 card and find out what your soul wants you to know. The first deck; The Mausolea Oracle of Souls Opening yourself to the energies and find out what we need here to assist you on your journey. Next Sacred Spirit sheds light on the area that needs the most help. By shining the light into the darkness your shadows glow and this card leads us there. The last deck; Shamanic Healing Oracle. This is what sits at the bottom of your energy disruption.  We will look into your energy pattern, fears and possible wrong beliefs. This is what is hindering you.


One Throw of the Crystal Oracle

See Facebook Under Services Ta

Here you will throw 5 stones on a board and we will request guidance from your spirit guides and will include council.
This is a general process and has no hands on treatments.

Raising your Vibration and Calibration

See Facebook Under Services Ta

Here, I will use tuning forks and pranic energy around your body. Discussing what ails you.. then you will listen to a short Solfeggio frequency holding my 12 synergy stone wand, this will allow me to feather your energy from the your 1st to 3rd auric field.
Then you will rest, I have bottled water and blanket to cover you. If you like bring your own blanket and you do not have to have this part due to Covid concerns. But please bring something warm to cover your core for at least 20mins.
This is NOT deep soul work. If you have questions let me know.


Any healing that you receive from SilvermoonMedicyn is not meant to take the place of your physician. Medicyn is meant to enhance any treatments you may be receiving. Please see your physician before continuing or if your symptoms don't seem to be spiritual. I would also like you to know that if you share any bits of your soul with me, it will be kept in the utmost confidence. I believe in “Harm None and None will Harm Thee.” Our relationship is one of symbiosis, what is done unto you will affect me.

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Happy, Fulfilled Clients

What They’re Saying

Home: Testimonials

Silvermoon Medicyn is very intuitive and accurate. The time we spent together was healing, peaceful and dare I say Magickal. I felt like my energy was met where it was at. I wasn't made to feel less than, I was EMPOWERED, reminded of my own powers. I would HIGHLY recommend Silvermoon Medicyn to anyone on their spiritual walk.

Celeste Hardy

This is my second round purchasing the Crow oil, I love everything about it from the ingredients to the smell. I anoint my pendent, my Tarot Cards for vibrations and clarity... I feel very connected to the messages the Crows have for me.
Silvermoon Medicyn is very knowledgeable and always helpful answering any questions that I throw at them.I have total trust in the products Love, love, love that they are online selling

Kat Holmgren

I have used Silvermoon Medicyn’s Breath of Spirit many times over the years. Every time I use it, it enhances my abilities. Breath of Spirit has led to some of my most profound and meaningful psychic experiences.
**Fair warning: only use Breath of Spirit if you are truly open to receiving powerful psychic communication. It’s potent stuff. It is absolutely one of the best tools I have in my arsenal to help me tune in to higher guidance. If you are looking to open your third eye or enhance your psychic abilities, I highly recommend Breath of Spirit as a valuable tool to focus and strengthen your intuition.
I’ve had the privilege to know and work with Michaela for many years. She is a powerful healer, and she has played a major role in my own growth as a healer and psychic. Michaela’s breadth of knowledge and understanding about energy work has led her to create some amazing formulations based on her years of experience in the field, intuitive knowledge, impressive abilities, and inherent understanding of how to enhance the tools and abilities the universe makes available to all of us. I’ve used several of her formulations over the years—not just the Breath of Spirit—and I can tell you that when you use them with intention and sincerity, they are a remarkable tool to facilitate growth and development to reach your full potential as a spiritual being.

Karen Frazier~ Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Psychic Abilities, Crystals for Beginners, Transform Your Life with Alchemy, Complete Reiki, and The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques


Contact Me

Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track?
Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. I enjoy helping people develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and I get great satisfaction from seeing them heal and thrive.
Contact me today and let the healing process begin.

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