Silvermoon Medicyn

New Age Botanica Occult Wares

Silvermoon Medicyn New Age Botanica sells a plethora of eclectic items for personal healing services, conjuring products and one of a kind creations.
Our wares vary on the healing conditions for Gaia's inhabitants.
The vibration of our wares varies from Earthly to Cosmic, Saint to Daemon and Light to Dark.
We will have a host of planetary, star and interstellar magic. Along with traditional hoodoo, pagan and occults items.
You can also find us teaching local classes on many varied topics, reading at psychic fairs and creating magical camping events.


Where to Find Silvermoon Medicyn's Products

You can find our products in these Pacific Northwest Stores.

On this website are our basic products.

Please note that these are live spells and conjures that should be used. Letting live magic wait, can change the results in the power of the spell. Our items are hand created in small batches so they don’t sit around long.

The frequency and vibrational pattern of Gaia is changing rapidly. We create products that change your frequency and vibrational pattern along with focusing on the conscious connection and emotional concerns. Each shop has different selections based on the possible customers.

If you’re missing something you would like to see at your local shop…let us know.

***Our online shop is closed to sales, if you wish to order something please let me know( link below or Facebook Messenger)

***Below is a contact me space

Mystic Sanctuary 2805 Bridgeport Way W #23, University Place, WA 98466