Banish the Unwanted

Banish the Unwanted

This bag will assist you in banishing and increasing your psychic strength. 


Gris-Gris are small cloth bags filled with herbs, oils, stones, small bones, hair and nail clippings. They can also have pieces of clothing soiled with perspiration, and/ or other personal items. (None of these bags contain human, nails, hair, body fluids of any kind, you may add these if you wish.) Each one has a purpose and the owner of the bag must feed it daily for it to work better. The more energy and items you feed the bag the more powerful the request works.
Pick a bag that you desire to change or control.
Daily needs of the Gris-Gris Bag:
•Touch your bag, hold it,
•Roll it carefully; in your hands as you whisper your desire of the goal.
•Feed your bag, essential oils, alcohol or dip in hot wax. Give it access to it favorite elemental, sun light, moon light, wind, rain…Be creative.
•Keep it on your person as much as possible.
Night Time Care, Put it somewhere in your bed or pillow case.
Price is for one bag…Only!

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    Herbs: Black Salt, Devil’s Shoe String, Wood Betony

    Crystals: Black tourmaline

    Oil: Hex Breaker


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