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Funeral Flower Remembrance Oil

Funeral Flower Remembrance Oil

This oil is made to honor those that have passed and touched our soul so deeply that we still feel numb or empty in some way. This oil assist in the grieving process. It is comprised of 7 types of flower you would give to someone in mourning. It has 3 stones to aid in the healing process.

Honor them and the mind will not haunt thee.

Use to anoint candles, pictures, places or especially your power points. Use as long as needed there is no time limit on healing but it is important to heal.

  • Product Information

    Contains: Size not pictured 4ml ... the one you see is a 2ml 

    Rose Quartz for compassion with yourself and allowing space and time to heal.

    Garnet is the life force within yourself and in sends away melancholy and pumps healing into your root charka to increase safety.

    Obsidian is a powerful grounding stone. This stone is a protector of the veil Making sure the boundaries are firm and supports for your healing.

    Flower Oils: Lily- Renewal & Rebirth; Rose-Purity and Innocence; Carnation-connected to the incarnation of the soul in this now past life; Understanding what it is to be one with the spirit. Hyacinth- Helps us shred sorrow and regret of all those dreams or goals that was not accomplished in this lifetime. Heals deep soul pain and heartbreak. Chrysanthemum- Encourages to get well and balance our thoughts and emotions in the time of personal pain. Red Poppy- Brings in strength to weather your storm and the changes you will face. Builds character and adds a warrior architype energy to assist you, if needed. Forget Me Not- These inspire communication and content not only to the ones that have pasted but you. Know that energy lives on always.  

    Do NOT give to children or animals.
    Nor ingest

  • Refund Policy

    All Sales are final...NO Return! These are magical products

    If you are dissatisfied with our product, please contact me to discuss the issues or concerns.

    All pleas will be fairly vented by Silvermoon Medicyn

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