Snake Oil

Snake Oil

This is a hoodoo snake oil.
Made with a small shedding of a young rattle snake. Purchased from it's owner. It has cod liver oil, mineral oil and almond oil. Transformative Energy. Sidewinder Movement.

Dark and light working/pathwork depending how you worship naga / snake 🐍

  • Product Information

    External use only. Avoid Eyes and Private parts. 
    Size 1 1/2 drams  Limited Pour .. 
    Contains: Pieces of Rattle Snake locally owned and harvested humanely. Almond and Mineral oils 
    Do NOT give to children or animals. 
    Nor ingest 

  • Refund Policy

    All Sales are final...NO Return! These are magical products                                         

    If you are dissatisfied with our product, please contact me to discuss the issues or concerns.

    All pleas will be fairly vented by Silvermoon Medicyn