Yemayá Blessing's from the Sea 0il.

Yemayá Blessing's from the Sea 0il.

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Use this oil to connect with her power. Be respectful, there is great power in her healing. She is known to be moody and turbulent at times. Often depicted as a queenly mermaid, Yemaya is considered the Ocean Mother Goddess in Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion practiced around the world. With anchored roots in the Yoruba religion, Yemaya was brought over to the New World by enslaved Africans as early as the 16th century. 
As the "Mother of All," she is said to help in matters of self-love, fertility, emotional wounds, trauma, and healing work. But if you cross her, disrespect her terrain, or hurt one of her children, she has a serious anger streak.


    Size: 4ml 
    Contains: Magnetic Sand, Jasmine flower, Thai Purple Basil, Poppy Seeds, Grains of Paradise, Apatite crushed Garnet sand, Indio Yemaya, Rain, Positive Energy hoodoo and Metal flakes of gold & copper with a coconut oil base.
    Do NOT give to children or animals. 
    Nor ingest 
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    All Sales are final...NO Return! These are magical products.

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